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We take measurements after every single production step to guarantee quality

A high and constant quality of our products and services is one of the company's highest aims.

The Quality Assurance System at SKT avoids mistakes instead of eliminating them.
Is is based on a CAQ system where production is monitored and controlled via SPC - statistical process control. The computer- aided quality process helps us to capture and document all relevant quality data as well as to evaluate them statistically.

ISO - Certificate

One step to perfectness

Most modern measurement devices guarantee a maximun of preciseness

Our high quality standard was tested and certificated to DIN 9001:2000 by autonomous auditors. This certificate is constantly verified according to the latest requisities.

As the quality level can never be high enough, our staff contiues and never stops to undergo further education.

Each and every employee contributes to reaching our quality goals at their workplace.

We see it as our day-to-day obligation towards our customers to do justice to our renown. This applies not only to the quality of our products, but esepcially also to the speedy processing of orders and on-time delivery.

These premises, in conjunction with the latest measuring devices, are the fundaments we operate on.