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Plastic coating

A plastic coating would be an option in certain applications or for low-noise rollers. The exact material, form and color of the plastic material will be defined together with our customers.

Steel ball bearings

Steel of different grades as well as various precision levels ensure the required quality of the bearings. Moreover, adequate oils or greases are used depending on the actual requirements. For the cages and dust shields, we can also make use of plastic or steel. The ball bearings can be supplied with integrated riveted or threaded bolts. If required, it is also possible to carry out eccentric machining for shaping. Moreover, the parts can be electroplated. Double-row ball bearings are especially of good use for higher load ranges.

Slide bearings and plastic rollers

A high degree of flexibility is required to comply with the great number of various slide bearings and plastic rollers. Design, form and colour are, in addition, defined together with the customer, whether we are dealing with completely mounted slide-roller units or loose plastic rollers.

Soft rollers

The ever-increasing demand on the market for low-noise rollers has resulted in the development of the soft roller. Specially tested materials can be coated on the side, in the middle or all around, thus reducing the rolling noise level to a minimum.

Complete solutions

Sub-assemblies made of plastic or steel as well as custom-designed casings can be supplemented with ball or slide bearings. Take advantage of our experience – we offer cost-effective solutions from a single source. Due to our extensive manufacturing capacities, we are able to fulfil our customers’ most unique wishes. What we reduce is the number of piece parts needed in order to simplify your assembly process.

For wet and damp areas

In this area of application, it is possible to combine plastic materials, brass and stainless steels as desired. They may be used even as slide roller or radial ball bearing. The application itself or the load will ultimately define the design.

Ball production

Utmost precision, short lead times and flexibility is what makes us strong. We produce balls up to peak precision in consistently high quality from various stainless steels and 100 Cr6 (steel grade 1.3505) with diameters starting at 0.500 mm up to 12.700 mm. Special materials can be used as well. Another key fact is that we always strive to supply you within three weeks after receipt of your order even if you need balls in a diversity of measurements.

Plastic turned parts

Thanks to our broad range of manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer you plastic turned parts made of various materials.

Injection moulding parts

Thanks to our broad range of manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer you injection moulding parts made of various materials.